Inversion tables are used for healing purposes such as treating back problems. While doing inversion therapy, your body is situated on the inversion table so that you are hanging upside down by the legs, ankles or feet at whatever angle you choose. With the help of gravity, the joints in the body decompress. This could be a great painkiller if you feel any pain in the joints The process is called inversion. It is a form of spinal traction.

Which are the greatest benefits of using an inversion table?
There are 5 great benefits of using an inversion table:

1. The first one is healing osteoarthritis.
Osteoarthritis is a state of the joints in which the cartilage of the joints is worn down or even completely worn away. This results in a bone scraping another bone, which could be an extremely painful experience. Even if you don’t suffer from any join diseases, using the inversion table regularly actually prevents them.

2. The second great benefit that using inversion table provides is correcting scoliosis and reducing the pain caused by it.
Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine in the form of the letter “S” or “C”. Unfortunately, the exact causes of more than 80 percent of all of this disease’s cases are unknown. However, scientists have proven that using inversion table can improve and even correct scoliosis. Scoliosis, unlike osteoarthritis, is also very common among children. The most appropriate time to correct a child’s scoliosis is before the age of 12, because a normal child’s cartilage fully hardens between the age of 12 and 14, so starting an inversion table therapy before this age could have an enormous effect.

3. The third great benefit of using an inversion table is that it actually reduces headaches.
There are multiple proven ways, in which using an inversion table can reduce headaches:
Firstly, reducing the pain in the back and joints could ease your headache or even completely remove it.
Secondly, inverting actually lowers your stress levels, which could, of course, be one of the causes for your headache.
Thirdly, inversion relaxes the muscles of both the upper and the lower body, so the number of tension headaches you will get will be reduced.
Fourthly, it increases your blood circulation.

4. The fourth great benefit is improving your lung function.When you invert your body, the pooled blood, which is gathered in the lower lungs while you are in an upright position, redistributes to the upper lungs, providing it with more oxygen. This allows your lungs to work better and more efficently.

5. Using an inversion table has a great effect on breathing problems.
Firstly, inversion clears your sinuses by letting more blood flow into your head, helping to clean your nasal passages.
Secondly, it increases the blood circulation in general.Thirdly, the more regularly you use the inversion table, the stronger your diaphragm will get. This will lead to breathing with greater ease than before.

In conclusion, using an inversion table could be extremely beneficial for both children and adults, who have joint problems or want to prevent them. Also, inversion table does not only apply to problems regarded to joint, but also breathing problems, headache and many more.